3d video processing and transmission fundamentals

This course combines lecture, seminar, and hands-on activities.

3d video processing and transmission fundamentals

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We focus on stereoscopic video format because it takes less bandwidth than other format when 3D video is transmitted over an error channel but it is easily affected by the network parameters such as packets loss, delay and jitter. The packet loss on 3D video has more impact in the depth information than other 3D video factors such as comfort, motion, disparity and discomfort.

The packet loss on depth information causes undesired effect on color and depth maps. Therefore, in order to minimize quality degradation, the application of frame loss concealment technique is preferred.

This technique is expected to improve the QoE for end users. In this paper we will also review 3D video factors and their challenges, methods of measuring the QOE, algorithms used for packets loss recovery. Acquisition, Coding and Display. Emerging technologies for 3D video creation, coding, transmission and Rendering.

3d video processing and transmission fundamentals

Ekmekcioglu, Guildford, Fernando, Worrall, S. IEEE 63rdVol: Hewage and Maria G. Quality of Experience for Multimedia Communications C Fernando, and A. De AlwisT.

Worrall, Safak Dogan, and Ahmet M.3d video processing and transmission fundamentals. 33D video provides the sensation of depth by adding the depth dimension to conventional 2D imagery. and video. This allows our human visual system (HVS) to perceive depth as we do in normal vision.

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3D Video Processing and Transmission Fundamentals

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Unlike 2D video, the 3D video contents are bulky in natureand often require a larger storage, memory, processing power and bandwidth for communication applications. For instance, the stereoscopic video which is regarded as one of the simplest forms of 3D video, requires twice the space of 2D video since binocular/stereo video content consists.

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