A comparison of the republic by plato and a defense of poetry by shelley

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A comparison of the republic by plato and a defense of poetry by shelley

Plato believes that the literature celebrates all the vices and evil habits. It shows God in a derogatory manner. Most of the Greek works always had a plot ready. The plots were taken from myths. Myths always had place for Gods.

Gods were shown to be fighting and sometimes indulging in immoral activities. All such vices crept into the works of Literature.

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Hence Plato believed that such types of works should not be taught at schools. Plato further said that children would fail to differentiate between good and bad. If the students are taught the Epic poem the Mahabharata in their schools, might be, there are chances that children may draw a conclusion that wars are indeed virtuous to be fought.

They fail to understand the true intentions behind the war. Hence, they may take a wrong lesson from it and there are chances that they may do anything for their love tomorrow.

From this, we can clearly understand what Plato meant by showing Gods in a bad light. He wanted the poets to make some type of renovation and show God as superior to human beings rather than depicting him to be equal or less than human beings.

Plato believed that poetry enriches the emotional side of our mind. Education is to enrich the mind of reason rather than the emotional mind.

In those days, French people used to fight with the monstrous Spartans.

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To fight against them, Greeks needed not only courage but also mental stability. Plato believed that poetry would disable the Greek children in the aspect of reasoning and would make them more emotional. Hence, he did not want students to read poetry.

Plato says that there are four types of world. The very first one is Truth.Republic is a work written in a Socratic dialogue form around BC in Ancient Greek by Plato, the pupil of Socrates. It is considered to be one of the Plato’s best known works which is deeply intellectual and historical rooted in philosophy and political theory.

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A comparison of the republic by plato and a defense of poetry by shelley

Plato’s Republic is a work which is not directly about literature; but his comments on poetry determine his position to it. He presents us a view of literature in a mainly negative way. Unlike Plato, Aristotle regards poetry as something positive in his Poetics.

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By Percy Bysshe Shelley Introduction. Percy Bysshe Shelley was born to a wealthy family in Sussex, England. Shelley’s “Defence of Poetry” is unusual compared with similarly titled “defenses” of poetry. The principle of equality had been discovered and applied by Plato in his Republic as the theoretical.

"A Defence of Poetry" by Percy Bysshe Shelley