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They organized into tribal unitsof which the larger ones were later known as the Polish tribes ; the names of many tribes are found on the list compiled by the anonymous Bavarian Geographer in the 9th century. The last tribal undertaking resulted in the 10th century in a lasting political structure and statePolandone of the West Slavic nations. After the so-called "autochthonous" or "aboriginal" school of Polish prehistory received official backing in Poland and a considerable degree of popular support. According to this view, the Lusatian Culture which archaeologists have identified between the Oder and the Vistula in the early Iron Ageis said to be Slavonic; all non-Slavonic tribes and peoples recorded in the area at various points in ancient times are dismissed as "migrants" and "visitors".

B2 rencontre avis

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B2 rencontre avis

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B2 rencontre avis

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