Breaker point type ignition system includes

Although prone to unreliability due to the number of components needed, in operating principle it is a relatively simple affair.

Breaker point type ignition system includes

The Willys Jeep Ignition System The method by which an internal combustion engine is powered comes from burning a fuel and air mixture in the engine cylinders under compression. The gases are ignited by a spark made to jump a small gap in the spark plug within each combustion chamber.

The ignition system provides this spark. The spark must occur in each cylinder at precisely the proper time, and the spark in the other cylinders must follow in the correct sequence of firing order. In order to accomplish this the following units are required: Batterythis supplies the electrical energy.

Ignition Coiltransforms the battery low tension current to high tension current which can jump the spark plug gap in the cylinders under compression. Distributordelivers the spark to the correct cylinders and used the mechanical breaker, this opens and closes the primary circuit at the exact time.

Breaker point type ignition system includes

Spark Plugsprovide the gap in the engine cylinders. Wiringconnects the various units. Ignition Switchcontrols the battery current when desiring to start or stop the engine. General diagram of the wiring system and relative position of electrical components in the ignition system.

The distributor is located on the right side of the engine and is operated by a coupling on the oil pump shaft, this is driven by a spiral gear on the camshaft.

The spark advance is automatic, controlled by built-in centrifugal weights. Some parts of the distributor can be checked or replaced while the distributor is mounted on the engine, it is best to occasionally remove it for a good check.

Detailed instructions on the removal of your old worn out distributor and installation new distributor. The distributor cap should be inspected for cracks, carbon runners and evidence of arching.

If any of these occur, the cap should be replaced.

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Clean any corroded high tension terminals. Check the rotor for cracks or excessive burning at the end of the metal strip. The end of the rotor will become burned after normal use.

If the top of the rotor is burned it shows the rotor is too short and needs replacing. When this condition is found the distributor cap segment will be burned on the horizontal face and the cap will also need replacing. The condenser lengthens the life of the distributor points by preventing arching at the contacts.

Also it provides a hotter spark by creating a reverse surge of current which rapidly breaks down the magnetic field of the coil by demagnetizing the core.

Breaker point type ignition system includes

If the condenser is leaky a weak spark will occur. Check the condenser lead for broken wires or frayed insulation. Clean and tighten the connections on the terminal posts. Make sure the condenser is mounting firmly on the distributor for a good ground connection.

Examine the distributor points. If showing wear, poor mating, transferred metal, or pitting then new ones should be installed. Clean the points with a proper solvent and a stiff bristled brush.

Check the alignment of the point for a full contact.

Setting the contact gap

If not properly aligned, bend the stationary contact bracket slightly to provide alignment. The contact gap should be set at. The gap is adjusted by loosening the lock screw and turning adjustment eccentric screw until correct gap.

The fiber block on the breaker arm should be resting on the highest point on the cam while the adjustment is made.

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Recheck the gap after locking adjustment. Apply thin film of cam lubricant to the cam to lessen fiber block wear. Check point contact spring pressure, should be between 17 and 20 ounces.Electronic Ignition The increased requirements for ignition systems could not be met by the conventional inductive ignition system since The introduction of new exhaust emission criteria in and the demand for improved fuel economy in , have [ ].

Siemens QAAFC Amp Single Pole volt Plug-On Combination AFCI Breaker. 3DEL4U1: Hot-Spark Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit for 4-cylinder Delco non-vacuum-advance Distributors.

Easy to Install - Replace. Entire Breaker Plate. with. Solid-State Electronics. Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit. Replaces points and condenser in many . The heart of the ignition system is the ignition coil.

It is in this sealed unit that the high-voltage electrical pulse necessary to create an ignition spark is generated. It is in this sealed unit that the high-voltage electrical pulse necessary to create an ignition spark is generated.

I recognize that the ignition control part of an EFI system can be the most intimidating part of the entire project.

And most EFI System manufacturers seem to focus more on "how to connect it" than "how it works", so even after some folks get it working they really don't know what they did.

3BOS4U1: Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit for all 4-cylinder Bosch Distributors with 1-piece, right-pivoting point s (JFU4): Easy to Install - Replace Points and Condenser.

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