Download slideshow powerpoint 2007

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Download slideshow powerpoint 2007

Conclusion Introduction Creating status reports is a common requirement in many line-of-business applications that are written with Microsoft Visual Basic.

However, the way in which your users end up consuming that data—probably, in a Microsoft Office application—isn't the way in which you're likely to pull it from an application. In the first two articles of this series, I showed how to use Office Word and Office Excel as a reporting tool by pulling data directly from a data source into a Microsoft Office document.

By using the same concepts, you can do the exact same thing with Office PowerPoint automation, and wow your users with dynamically generated slides that are ready to insert into the status presentations that used to take hours to update. Office PowerPoint automation is a technique for using Visual Basic to control Office PowerPoint programmatically to start, download slideshow powerpoint 2007 a presentation, add content, print, save, and exit—the types of tasks that you would perform in Office PowerPoint itself.

This article introduces the basics of Office PowerPoint automation: We also look at programmatically manipulating slide contents, such as text boxes, tables, and charts.

The sample application that accompanies this article illustrates each technique in this article acting as a "remote control" that automates an Office PowerPoint download slideshow powerpoint 2007 in the background. Although we'd like to write all of your Office PowerPoint presentations for you with great content and scintillating commentary, that is unfortunately beyond the scope of this article.

If you have had experience writing Microsoft Office VBA macros, many of the objects that are used in automation will be familiar to you; VBA uses the same object library.

Visual Basic is an unparalleled development tool for creating applications that exploit COM Interop and automation, so that the process for automating Office PowerPoint is certainly easier than ever before.

If you have had experience automating Office Excel and Office Word, you will find many of the Office PowerPoint automation concepts to be familiar.

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However, be aware that the automation capabilities for Office PowerPoint have some limitations. Office PowerPoint is better suited for automation than earlier versions, but it has less automation power than Office Excel and Office Word.

In other words, there are things that are difficult in Office PowerPoint automation and, sometimes, impossible.

download slideshow powerpoint 2007

Luckily, with a bit of lateral thinking, you can get around many limitations, as we will see later in this article when we cover automating charts. We advise looking online at the latest automation documentation, which is available in the MSDN Library here.

Be aware that the documentation is light, and that there are very few reference articles available. To automate Office PowerPoint, the basic process is to follow this set of steps: Create an Office PowerPoint Application object.

Create a new presentation, or open an existing presentation. Add shapes to the slide. Print or save the presentation. The Office PowerPoint object model has about 50 objects with which you can work. In practice, however, there are only four objects with which you should really be familiar.

Application Object The Application object represents the Office PowerPoint application itself, and creating an Application object is the first step in automation. When you create an Application object, a new instance of Office PowerPoint is started, which enables you to manipulate presentations programmatically.

During the process of automation, Office PowerPoint can be made visible or kept invisible.

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For this article, I chose to keep Office PowerPoint visible when the user clicks a button, so that they can watch the presentation building itself. Only one instance of the application object needs to be created, and you can use this single instance to manipulate multiple presentations.

Be aware that closing the application object will close all instances that are running, including presentations on which the user may be working separate from automation. Presentation Object After creating the Application object, the next step is to create or load a presentation.

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Office PowerPoint does not provide an empty presentation when it is opened via automation. The Presentation object represents a presentation in Office PowerPoint and contains many—but not all—of the properties and methods that are available through the user interface. The Presentation object is the primary object that you use to create, open, and save presentations.

Slide Object Every presentation contains one or more slides. The Slide object represents a slide in a presentation, and you can add and remove slides programmatically. Like the Presentation object, the Slide object contains many—but not all—of the properties and methods that are available through the user interface.

Shape Object The Shape object represents a piece of content on a slide. Slide title is a Shape; each text box is a Shape; each chart and table is a separate Shape.

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The Shape object offers some—but not all—of the functionality that is available through the user interface. In practice, this can make automating Office PowerPoint challenging, because navigating the properties and methods in a Shape object is a time-consuming task, and some functionality just isn't available to automation.

Getting Started with the Sample Let's get started by looking at the sample application that accompanies this article. The "PowerPointAuto" sample application demonstrates how to start Office PowerPoint, create a blank presentation, add a slide and content, print, save, and exit.

First, we will need to ensure that your machine has all of the necessary prerequisites:But beginning with PowerPoint and PowerPoint for Mac (PowerPoint version ), this was the only binary format available for saving; PowerPoint (version ) no longer supported saving to binary file formats used earlier than PowerPoint 97 (version ), ten years before.

download slideshow powerpoint 2007

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