Essay philosophical foundation education

Problems in delineating the field There is a large—and ever expanding—number of works designed to give guidance to the novice setting out to explore the domain of philosophy of education; most if not all of the academic publishing houses have at least one representative of this genre on their list, and the titles are mostly variants of the following archetypes:

Essay philosophical foundation education

What is education for? My definition of education would be to learn or to gain knowledge of something through the teaching of others or through ones self. One of the definitions from the Webster's dictionary states that education is the activities of educating or instructing or teaching, activities that impart knowledge or skill.

Both definitions of education appeal me the most important two words that deals with education are teach and learn. My first introduction here will be about the teaching process of education.

Foundation of Education - Essay

Why do we teach? By definition Teachers are leaders, and simply put: Teachers lead their students through and to the path of knowledge. According to the Foundation Of Education text "Teachers also demonstrate leadership by working with others and modeling desirable behaviors.

Why do we learn?

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We learn to gain knowledge, to comprehension, or mastery of something through experience or study. Basically we become students to learn, and become more educated so we can better ourselves and others.

Students are educated to whatever level of knowledge they have in that area in which they study. Therefore, because of ones level of education in a certain field, they can now acquire a job in which they are qualified for and be able to work effectively in.

Depending on a person's curriculum and instruction they can get a good job that brings them vast financial wealth. Curriculum, what is it? Curriculum in general refers to what is taught in School. The word curriculum to some people means a set of subjects, subject contents, a set of performance objectives, and a course of study.

In short curriculum is a series of student experience in schools and curriculum varies for different schools. There are a number of different types of curriculum's such as explicit curriculum, implicit curriculum or hidden curriculum, null curriculum extra-curriculum and lastly, integrated curriculum.

Of all those curriculums, the one that that stood out the most and which also interested me implicit curriculum.

Essay philosophical foundation education

The curriculum in which I speak about is the implicit curriculum or hidden curriculum. I like to use the name hidden curriculum because this is a curriculum that is hidden from the view of many people.

Since this curriculum interests me the most, I decided to learn more about it, and also solicited information from a couple of college professors on what it meant to them.

According to these professors, their views are that this curriculum is hidden from society. This curriculum is simply to educate students that are wealthy per say to learn how to start and run a business and how to become good bosses. However, on the other side students that are of lower income, this curriculum teaches them to be good workers of the business owners.

This disclosure came as a surprise to me, it came off as bit of a shock to know that there was such a curriculum.

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It is now a common knowledge to me that decisions about what is taught in schools are made by many levels of government and by many organizations. I think that the government and the many organizations should organize the content so that every student weather their black or white, boy or girl should have a fair chance in learning whatever it is that will help them to become financially wealthy.

I don't think that just because someone is born into a certain level of wealth that they should automatically be taught things that will cause them remain in that level.1(a) i. Distinguish between Philosophy and philosophy of Education (4 marks) ii.

Explain the difference between General and technical Philosophy (5 marks) (b) i. Define the term epistemology ii.

Examine two ways in which epistemology is relevant to the practice of education (5 marks) (c) i. Identify FIVE Philosophical Foundations of the African indigenous Education. The article is based on qualitative research.

Philosophy and Religion in Education The education mission of the philosophy and religion department serves the general studies core and the major. The department takes seriously its obligation to introduce general studies students to philosophy and religion as humanities disciplines. Essay The Philosophy Of Education And Education The philosophy of education to me is ensuring that every student has the greatest opportunity to learn in a way that they learn the best. I feel most teachers believe the majority of students learn the same way and pace. Philosophy is in reality the theory of education. In other words, education is the dynamic side of philosophy, or application of the fundamental principles of philosophy. Philosophy formulates the method, education its process. Philosophy gives ideals, values and principles, those ideals, values and principles.

Various naturalistic approaches were evident in this research. A phenomenological approach was used to understand the experiences of students. [tags: Teaching Philosophy Education Essays Papers] Powerful Essays words | ( pages) | Preview.

My Philosophy of Education - My Philosophy of Education All children can learn. This has been a philosophy of mine ever since I won a contest in fourth grade. Education provides the foundation that enables students to be .

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Philosophical Foundations of Education The most remarkable thing about philosophy is that the questions raised never seem to get answered. Idealism. Philosophy of Education for Foundations of Education Essay.

Outline: Philosophy of Education I. Introduction A. Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences B. My future classroom C.

Essay philosophical foundation education

My role as a male educator II. Definition of Philosophies A. Philosophies 1. Existentialism B. Ways of Knowing 1. Eastern Ways of Knowing a.

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