Ethical standards of arranged marriages

The study also stated that same-sex couples are about 2.

Ethical standards of arranged marriages

Guthmann has written extensively in this field and presented and trained nationally and internationally regarding various aspects of substance abuse with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Abstract Counselors and other service providers face daily ethical dilemmas that involve confidentiality, dual relationships within the Deaf community, boundary issues and questions related to self-disclosure.

Most human services professions have ethical Ethical standards of arranged marriages or standards that focus on various areas of professionalism. This article will provide information on issues related to professional competence, moral and legal standards, the use of professional codes of ethics and guidelines, a decision making model, the power differential and appropriate uses of supervision and peer support.

Introduction As a profession grows and changes, so do many of its practices and standards. Professionals who work with Deaf and hard of hearing individuals have grown from being a relatively small group of service providers to a full complement of specialists in a wide range of human service areas.

No longer is it good enough to be able to simply communicate with consumers; it is essential that counselors, social workers, psychologists, and others understand and accept the social and cultural considerations that consumers who are Deaf bring into the counseling setting.

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There is more demand for specialized services than ever before as programs related to mental health services, addictions treatment, independent living, education, and recreation continue to emerge. Through many of these changes, it is important to consider how we as professionals view ourselves and what practices we hold above all others.

Most human services professions have ethical guidelines or standards that focus on various areas of professionalism including training, competence, duties, research, community outreach, and moral and legal standards.

What do we perceive as our responsibility related to ethical considerations when working within the field of Deafness? Is there a different ethical code for those of us who work with Deaf people? Why is the study of ethics in the provision of services to individuals who are Deaf important?

Ethics comes from the Greek "ethos," meaning "character" or "custom.

Ethical standards of arranged marriages

One definition of ethics is,"Doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do" Solomon, Aristotle believed that ethics provided guidelines for virtuous action. In his Rule of the Golden Mean, he defined the ethical choice as one that falls between two extremes.

Ethical standards of arranged marriages

For example, trust is the virtue that lies between suspicion and foolish faith. Ethical issues revolve around setting and maintaining professional boundaries.

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As professionals, we deal with ethical issues and choices on a daily basis. It is important to think about the role of ethics in the human service setting and its implications for both clients and counselors. Counselors and other service providers face daily ethical dilemmas that involve confidentiality, dual roles within the Deaf community, boundary issues and questions related to self-disclosure.

Professionals also need to be knowledgeable about their professional code of ethics and guidelines, agency guidelines, appropriate uses of supervision and peer support. Ethics and Values Everyone has an internal set of standards of behavior that reflects their own personal value system.

The acquisition of this value system is a product of living and growing within a family, culture and society. Professionals need to study the correlation between ethical standards and personal values systems. The terms profession and professional may bring different images to mind.

Profession is defined as a group of people who share a common body of knowledge, a code of ethics, and a concern for their peers Bissell, In athletics, for example, the major difference between the amateur and the professional is that the professional is paid.

In contrast, the social and health services contain very few professionals who are more interested in money than in helping people. From another perspective, one major difference between a business and a profession is that a business emphasizes the importance of earning a profit, whereas a human service profession is primarily aimed at rendering service.

The Deaf services professional does not work for a boss or for dollars, but for the purpose of serving the client. Success is not measured in profit, but in quality of service. Legal and Ethical Conflicts Whether or not a given behavior is legal does not determine whether or not it is ethical.

It is possible for legal activities to be unethical, such as the situation of a professional dating a client. The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in many places would be illegal, but may be viewed as ethical. The potential for conflict between the principles and practice guidelines of psychology and the law is ever present.

In some instances, laws are written in ways that do not take into account the nuances or the complexities of psychological practice. In other instances, the standards that are incorporated into some laws may be more appropriate for another profession or set of concerns.

Although adherence to professional ethics has a deeper basis for right and wrong than fear of being arrested or sued, there are times that legal concerns arise.In turn, some of my friends think arranged marriage is more ideal, with their entire families having had arranged marriage.

I'm curious to learn now what moral/ethical reasons there are for either position, and if there is any resources I can read regarding this. Arranged marriages were the norm, Scholars such as Shusun Tong (叔孫通) began to express greater emphasis for ethical ideas espoused in 'Classicist' philosophical works such as those of Kongzi (i.e.

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Confucius, – BCE), an ideology anachronistically known as Confucianism. In , the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) published its ‘Ethical guidelines for Biomedical Research on human participants’.

The intention was to translate international ethical standards into locally and culturally appropriate norms and values to help biomedical researchers in India to conduct ethical research and thereby safeguard the interest of human subjects. Coming Up With Great European History Essay Topics European history is broad, and there are lots of issues that are worth researching in your essay.

Arranged marriages in India versus love marriages in the United States Jala 3 (Kalman, ).

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Alternatively, in American society the individualistic standards acquire more worth than the family ethics. In fact, if you are an average Indian, there’s a good chance that you are the product of an arranged marriage. Therefore, you can rely on the success of arranged marriages.

Arranged marriages