How to write a publishable article

From PhD Comics, http: You must also do so well. The reason is that scientific writing is a highly technical, by-the-books sort of task.

How to write a publishable article

What Makes Your Article Publishable? When I review an article that has been submitted for publication, I look for the following: Is the article written in clear, correct English?

It will probably not surprise you to hear that articles written in poor English affect the ability for the reviewer to accurately appraise the value of your work. A few typos here and there, and even some small grammar, syntax or styling errors will not detract from the impression made if the manuscript is interesting and of high quality; however, if the English in general is poorly written, then that reflects on the overall impression.

Does the abstract match the content of the article? This point is of utmost importance. Cut-copy-paste makes it easy to move paragraphs around, to delete and add in new material, as opposed to how the dinosaurs among us remember having to type and retype, editing by hand.

The disadvantage of modern computerization is that the author may forget the extent of changes made and leave the abstract in its original form, no longer appropriate to the much-edited material.

Abstracts should state the purpose of the article, the methods and results if it is an empirical study or review, the conceptual framework if it is a position paper, and the focus of the discussion section.

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Are there sufficient subtitles to help the reader understand the organization of the article? Readers are becoming less and less patient with densely written material.

Therefore, it is important to break up the page with subtitles; these help your readers focus on important points as their eyes skim the pages. Use the style manual of your particular profession to know how to format titles and subtitles. Today, style manuals can be found online and no longer need to be purchased.

Is the methodology appropriate to the aims of the study? It may seem that the design stage and not the writing stage is the proper time to match the methodology to the aims of the study; however, we all know that research does not always turn out as expected.

Even when we are writing a position paper or a conceptual exploration, we may find that during the course of our writing our own ideas evolve into something quite different from what they were at the starting point. In a final editing, therefore, check that the description of your methods matches what you actually did.

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If you changed methods because of developments during the study, it would be helpful to readers to know that. The proper place for discussion of this may be in the "limitations of this study" section of the Discussion.

how to write a publishable article

But that depends on the nature of your paper. Does the material follow a logical procession? Sometimes with cut-copy-paste, you lose the flow of the paper. There are two ways to pick up on this before submitting the paper for review: Are the references cited up-to-date?

One of the first things I do when reviewing a paper that has been submitted for publication is check the references list. I want to see that the author is up on the contemporary literature in the field as well as referring to classic works. The former may be more important than the latter in some cases.

If you are not on a college faculty, then you may not have access to online journals. That does not preclude the necessity to keep up with current publications. I will describe, in a later section in this article, how to get access to papers that are not freely available on the Internet.

You may be surprised to know that I have reviewed articles submitted for publication in which the conclusions were not consistent with either the results or the theoretical basis of the work.

Because the results of empirical studies and sometimes even the results of our own in-depth contemplation lead us to change our minds about some previously held views, we may need to revamp the entire article to ensure that our conclusions are consistent with the introduction and literature review.

Changing our minds, revising our opinions, is a sign of open-mindedness and growth.

how to write a publishable article

We sometimes learn more from our errors than when we are proven right about something.the extent that an article measures up to these standards, its prospects for publication should, ceteris paribus,be greatly enhanced. Twelve Rules of Thumb for Writing a Publishable Article Write with a Purpose in Mind and Make that Purpose Explicit It may seem obvious, but academic writers often fail to write purposefully.

Step 2: Write a Skeleton Outline matching the publishing venue’s expected article structure. Once you’ve identified the sort of expertise and expectations of your reviewers, you’ll . Jan 31,  · How to write an article: Preparing a publishable manuscript!

Advice on submitting an article for publication

Writing an article can be a reality with appropriate efforts and approach. Once we decide to write on the topic of Documents Similar To How to Write an Article- Preparing a Publishable Manuscript! (3) Literature Survay. Uploaded by. Gives tips on how to write a publishable health article, even if one is not a health professional.

Includes advice on how to sense an audience, do research and break into the field. Gives examples. INSET: A sampling of health markets (health magazines)..

Suggests journal writing as a way to get in. How to Write Publishable Academic Articles. by Sheri_Oz.

Why Write an Article? (if you are not a researcher and not a college lecturer) I am not a researcher and I am not on any college faculty.

Yet, I have published a respectable number of publications in high-quality academic journals and one book. These publications have helped me.

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You find an article written on your topic, but it is making a.

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