Hygiene and food essay

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Hygiene and food essay

Every person working in food handling area is to maintain high degree of cleanliness. It is an important requirement to wear suitable, clean and protective clothing where necessary. Protective Clothing is essential for all food handlers, clothing should be clean, washable, light coloured protective clothing, preferably without external pockets.

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Infected wounds, skin infections, sores and diarrhoea are some of the diseases that can contaminate food directly or indirectly. Staff should report if any member of their household is suffering from diarrhoea, stomach upset or vomiting.

High standards of personal hygiene reduce the risk of contamination and help prevent food poisoning. As the hands are always in direct contact with food, they are the main route for transferring Hygiene and food essay poisoning bacteria.

Hands must be kept very clean all the time and hot water and soap must be used. Efficient drying of hands which may be achieved by using disposable towels, hot air dryers or continuous roller towels should be used. Adults can carry staphylococci in the nose and mouth. Coughs and sneezes can carry droplet infection for a considerable distance.

People with bad coughs must not handle open food.

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Disposable single use paper tissues are preferable than handkerchiefs. Ailments must be reported to the supervisor and a medical clearance to start work may be required. Hair must be clean and tied up back when handling food and hair nets must be worn at all times.

Nails harbour dirt and bacteria. They should be kept short and clean and no nail vanish should be worn. Jewellery can also carry bacteria and should not be worn when handling food. Cut and sores must be covered by waterproof dressing when working in food areas.

Food handlers must be in good health in all aspects from oral hygiene to general fitness. Food handlers who excrete food poisoning must not resume food handling duties without medical clearance. Management of Personal Hygiene To establish controls, Personal Hygiene requirements should be compiled first.

House Rules covering Personal Hygiene of staff should be listed. These are usually the House Rules already in place. Controls mean measures to prevent hazards; these include hand washing, appropriate clean clothing, dressings and protecting food.

Hygiene and food essay

To manage these controls, a table of Personal Hygiene Rules should be compiled. This table describes the control measures and the critical limits. This also gives a record that helps to monitor frequency on the weekly record.

Below is the table of Personal Hygiene rules which can be used to monitor controls. Hair to be tied back and preferably covered. Food handlers should not spit, sneeze or cough over food. Food handlers should not smoke in food preparation area.Food safety is determined not only by proper sanitation, food storage or cleaning methods, but the importance of personal hygiene is a major part of food safety as well.

Unclean hands, filthy dingy clothing, uncovered hair and other improper habits in a kitchen can cause food contamination through bacteria, dirt or . Essay about Advanced Food Hygiene. ensure food safety in the future. The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations came into force in January and replace the regulations Food Safety and the Food safety temperature control regulations Essay about Advanced Food Hygiene ensure food safety in the future.

The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations came into force in January and replace the regulations Food Safety and the Food safety temperature control regulations Health and Hygiene – Essay. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 22, By Muskan.

Wholesome food keeps our health good. A part of the food we take serves as fire to keep the body warm; another part forms flesh to give us strength. Pure milk is the most nutritious food.

Vegetables and many other things that we . A Food Safety Expert Health Essay Introduction Food safety is the important things of to describe food handling, preparation, and the storage of the food .

food safety, personal hygiene, haccp Various researchers have studied food safety, personal hygiene, and hazard analysis critical control point or HACCP. Usually, they deal with food establishments in general like Jolibee, McDonalds, Bistro, and many others.

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