Investigating the facility management professional shortage

Streamlining the Construction Project to Deliver Ahead of Schedule and Below Budget The employment opportunity ratio for construction jobs has risen in recent months, according to online employment marketplace ZipRecruiter, indicating that there are more construction job openings and not enough qualified workers. In February, the nationwide employment opportunity index for construction jobs was 0. A year ago, one job listing would see twice as many applicants.

Investigating the facility management professional shortage

Due Diligence Concerns When Choosing Between an Existing Structure or Greenfield Construction Environmental risk factors — An environmental assessment report is critical in order to check for factors that can complicate and delay construction or operations.

Check for contamination or pollution on or near the site. Is there fracking activity in the area? Are there heavy industries e.

Investigating the facility management professional shortage

Is your production prone to salinity or radon? Site logistics — For most companies, executing key business strategies and ensuring convenient travel require easy access to infrastructure.

For ground transportation, check roads to determine if they can accommodate the required truck traffic and loads. If construction will require the transportation of large equipment pieces, logistics and accessibility are particularly important to review during the site selection process rather than at a later stage.

Additional elements such as the height of bridges, width of roads, and necessity of coordinating with the Department of Transportation may come into play. Utilities — Take into account the demand, cost, quality, and reliability of basic utilities. Their impact can be lasting, as these costs can represent a significant portion of annual operating expenses.

Factor electric power, natural gas, fiber optics, water, and sewer services into the decision-making process. Look at the cost of starting up these services as well as recurring costs.

Consider the potential need for expanded capacity with future growth of the company at the site. Check regulations applying to design and land use.

Are there building height restrictions or covenants in place? What planning and operating permits are required? What operating licenses are necessary? Other challenges — How many current owners does the site have? When there are a large number of private owners, immediate availability is unlikely and protracted delays can derail the process.

Are there any existing liens on the site? Where Things Can Go Wrong When the due diligence process falls short, costly headaches are likely to result.

Here are two examples of inadequate research and planning: Example 1 — An international automaker opening a U. Its first site glitch occurred during construction — the discovery of a blue-line stream that had to be relocated and rerouted.

The next obstruction — bulldozers encountered a rock bed that had to be blasted out of the way. The final blow was the discovery that the site was home to an endangered species — a turtle family that also had to be relocated.

Though the program assessed the risks associated with development generally, project-specific information was not gathered.

Facility Planning

In addition, only of the acres the company selected had been certified, and the remaining acres were not assessed. An efficient due diligence process and successful site selection often require the input of a qualified site selection expert with deep knowledge of engineering principles, building codes, permitting requirements, and regional characteristics that affect operations.

It ultimately requested a review of every building and structure, including stacks and the substation. This type of review can cause extensive delays, as it can take up to nine months if questions and clarifications are requested.

Certifications are often misunderstood. While they may be useful in the gathering of general reports, studies, and utility information, they frequently fail to uncover project-specific risks such as those presented by the nearby airport in this example. Consult An Expert To avoid the types of difficulties outlined herein, make sure to conduct the appropriate studies of the site and its environment.

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There is no shortage of businesses claiming to offer these services. An experienced consulting engineer will ensure no issue is overlooked and efficiently manage the process.

This will help the company minimize headaches, delays, and cost overruns. With nearly 20 years of experience managing international projects for Fortune clients, she has developed special insight into the unique needs of multinational clients.MAJOR CHALLENGES TO THE EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCE indicated that there is a shortage of HRD professionals who are skilled and experienced systems thinkers (Bing et al, ), and who have the ability to manage the vast and specialised function of HRD across.

Airport managers are responsible for all facets of their facility’s operations. Learn about people who work in this field and what paths they took to get there. Airport Managers Run the Show. World Workplace Tuesday, October 1, Investigating the Facility Management Professional Shortage Roscoe Hightower Jr., PhD and James Highsmith.

General Presentation - Academic & Research Facility Management Internships: Case Studies from Programs that have Worked Kathy Roper, CFM, MCR, LEED AP, IFMA Fellow and Joseph Geierman.

AR1 Investigating the Facility Management Professional Shortage Hilbert, J. Restaurant on a Diet: A Healthy Choice for Patrons, Operators and the Environment. Pfizer blames Canadian EpiPen shortage on manufacturing complexities.

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Pfizer blames Canadian EpiPen shortage on manufacturing complexities