Learning style essay example

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Different learning style Essay Sample VARK is an acronym used to refer to different learning styles that a student can use when obtaining information. These models emphasize the best strategy a learner can use depending on the sensory modality.

Learning style essay example

No two people think or reason the same as anyone else. Just as people are different, their styles of learning are different.

Every individual needs to experiment to find the learning style that works best.


Just as each person needs to find their own learning style, they also need to know what style does not work. Some students are more able to retain more information if they study first thing in the morning.

These people are definitely early birds. On the other hand, some people prefer to study in the evenings; these people we call owls. Some people prefer to watch television or listen to the radio while they study, while others need complete silence to concentrate. There are so many different ways to help retain information.

For some people it helps to write everything down, while others learn better by listening to the information read to them. Whatever the personal learning style, once the one that works is found, success in school should follow. My personal learning style tends to lean towards the "hands on" approach.

I have always tended to retain more information if I actually do the task that is assigned. I have taken a lot of classes through the military. If I can get my hands on it and try the task, it helps me to understand how it works.

I want you to show me. I do well in classes that have slides, power points and other visual aids. To see the information and ask questions based on my observations is the best approach for me. One of the weaknesses I run into with this style of learning is an instructor who approaches learning as "read it in the book" and then test on the material.

Learning Style – Assignment Example

Unfortunately, this tends to be the most used learning style with traditional colleges. I have had lots of trouble in traditional style classes. I tend to put off reading until the last minute, if I do it at all.

I feel like I am wasting my time with traditional classes. I also need complete silence to concentrate and comprehend what I am reading. This is a problem at home because I have a husband and two children, which is the same as having three children. It always amazes me that I can be reading a book or typing a paper and my husband talks to me and asks me questions as if I am not doing anything.

I try to do all of my schoolwork after Everyone is asleep, the house is quiet and no one will bother me. I guess that qualifies me as an owl.

I definitely study much better at night. I also tend to be very impatient. This is a big drawback in the learning process. Most traditional schools have classes two to three times a week for a whole semester. This, absolutely, drives me insane. I lose patience and end up dropping the class.

I think the University of Phoenix matches perfectly with my personal learning style. I am only required to take one class at a time.

I can fully concentrate on one subject without distractions. The classes only last five weeks then I can move on.More Essay Examples on Learning Rubric.

Take a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire to assess your preferred learning style. Begin by reading the words in the left-hand column.

Learning Style Comparison Essay Sample

Learning Styles Essay. B.

Learning style essay example

Pages:6 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. of an individual learner with a view to structuring learning materials and experiences around that preferred learning style or styles.

and like to work practically from a peer or model example (copying). Clear reasoning behind tasks and.

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Learning Style Comparison Essay Sample. An individual learning style will be describe as a combination of the four basic learning modes there might be a strong preference for one mode but in general the learning style characterizes will be a mixture of the learning modes.

McCarthy’s 4MAT system model is an integration of Kolb’s model. Learning Styles Essay Examples. 28 total results. The Effects of Music in the Mind. 3, words. 8 pages. A Look at Different Learning and Multiple Intelligence.

3, words. 7 pages. An Introduction to Learning Styles and Teaching. words. Learning Styles . Vark Learning Styles; Vark Learning Styles.

Learning style essay example

11 November there are some similarities and some differences, for example in aural, similarity is that, there is a suggestion to use recorder which I already use but the difference is that, I have always recorded teachers lectures and never recorded my self.

In my aural learning style, I. A Reflection On My Learning Styles Education Essay. This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. You can view samples of our professional work here.

emphasis would be made on the learning style(s) utilised and how these were examined and developed.

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