Plagiarism essay checking sites

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Plagiarism essay checking sites

Plagiarism essay checking sites

One of the 3 students reportedly plagiarizes using the Internet. This plagiarism is like an epidemic which will keep on increasing and if not stopped; it will eat up the whole originality. They no more want to use their own brain and create impressing and original content.

This is not just associated with the project works anymore but spreading to the classroom work and tests as well. The students rely on the internet so much that they go on copying everything.

The teachers see this as a hindrance to the intellectual growth of the students. It prohibits them from indulging in the original work. The consequences of the plagiarism can be extremely poor. Some of them are: Indulging in reputation will do no good.

Instead, it will ruin the reputation of the student before the teacher for the indulgence in the plagiarism. The teacher would not feel the student be reliable and thus he will put all its self-respect and dignity at stake. The students can get their academic reputation ruined.

Many times plagiarism results in the school authorities taking strict actions against the guilty and even suspending or expelling them from the school. This will be a huge blow to the academic career of the students. Most of the times the authors or publishers have the copyright of the material they put up on sites or blogs.

Any duplication or plagiarism of such material can even lead to the enforcement of legal obligation upon the defaulter. Thus, it is necessary to mitigate the plagiarism from the education system so that students can learn things and use their intellect to create original material.

Teachers have been trying to be strict to avoid it but still, students find a way to sneak in for cheating. The following strategies could be implemented to reduce the problem: The topics that teachers provide to the students must be chosen wisely.

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Plagiarism is a common (and often misunderstood) problem that is often the result of a lack of knowledge and skills.

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