Role of media in exposing scams

But with so many scams online, it can be difficult to know who or what to trust. Since I regularly review work from home offers on this site, I decided to look into things further. Given the company name is very general business name, I found it quite difficult to learn what it was all about. But there was a common thread among most of the ads they use.

Role of media in exposing scams

Media play an important role in increasing of public awareness and collect the views, information and attitudes toward certain issue.

Media is the most powerful tool of communication in emerging world and increased the awareness and presents the real stage of society. In this decade of Knowledge and awareness there is a huge and grand role of media, it is all around us when we watch on Television, listen to on the radio, read to the books, magazines, and newspapers, every where we want to collect some knowledge and information and a part of this media has to present a very responsible role for our society.

Without the media, people in societies would be isolated, not only from the rest of the world, but also for the total formation of creditable world.

It can help to promote the right things on right time and gives a real as well as strong aspects of the world about what is right or wrong also it also express that how can we store and distributes the views.

The world is moving towards progress in every step of life.

Role of media in exposing scams

But we cannot refuse the real fact that we all are bounded directly or indirectly with the loads of social problems and issues, which are affected by the people of the people and for the people.

Social issues or matters include so many types such as poverty, violence, corruption, bribery, suppression of human rights, rape, discrimination, and crime, killing in the name of honor.

Today News Channels, Newspapers, radio, internet etc.

Role of media in exposing scams

Media refers so many links such as mass media broadcast media, print media and the web media. We know that television and radio are considered broadcast media while newspapers, magazines and journals are formatted as print media and internet news are called as the web media.

The media is an important source of information through its news segments, entertainment and allows for exchange of our ideas, suggestions and views for related matters.

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There is huge variety of media. The media is not only an important source of news and opinions but also entertainment. Most young people usually turn on the television for movies, educational programs other entertainment programs. However, although most of us get our news through the media as many of us have little time to read books or journals, the news www.

However, there is still a degree of freedom in these countries' press compared to other more conservative countries. The term media is derived from Medium, which means carrier. Media denotes a links specifically designed to reach large viewers.

The term was first used with the advent of newspapers and magazines. However, with the passage of time, the term broadened by the inventions of radio, TV, cinemas and Internet.

In the world of today, media has become almost as necessary as food and clothing. It is true that media is playing an outstanding role in strengthening the society.

Its responsibility is to inform, educate and entertain the people. It helps to know current situation around the world. The media has a strong social and cultural impact upon society.

Because of its inherent ability to reach large number of public, it is widely used to convey message to build public opinion and awareness, it can be used to educate people with very little cost. Imagine a classroom in every city with thousands of students being taught by just one teacher.

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But unfortunately, because of money-making approach of media and lack of interest by government, very less work is done in spreading the education. It is the best tool to spread awareness in the modern society either it be political, social or economic and giving us latest sight about what is happening in our world, making us aware about our rights, creating awareness against evils in our society, what new happening around us, exposing corrupt politicians and hardcore criminals by sting operations.

There is correlation between media and society to share them self about the past, present and future event on need base method of the society.

We know that a long time ago we see all news, views events all these things through Radio, Banner and Cinema slide show. But now a day we have a power to see everything of the society and to share it among the people only the good approach of media.

So Media and their function have been changed as because there is a competition among the Media also. Therefore apart from the service to the society they have to earn also.It steals HTTP cookies on social media sites and performs a type of click-fraud that is used to accumulate illegitimate views, create fake followers and generate Likes.

About 86 percent of its. Jul 10,  · Media Role in Exposing Scams. - July 4th, Any individual who plays an active role in exposing fraud and corruption, abuse and deceptive practices or any involvement in subverting the interests of justice or publlic responsibility that includes exposing facts and evidence on the internet that may not otherwise be exposed by the media such.

enhance the role of media in the anti-corruption battle in the country. Primarily this paper argues that the media has a significant role to play to fight against the Because of Media several scams have been pushed into limelight such as VYAPAM scam, 3G scam, COLGATE Scam, HAWALA Scam etc.

Before discussing the subject of the paper. The Role of the Media in the Construction of Public Belief and Social Change Catherine Happer * a, Greg Philo a [ a ] Glasgow University Media Group, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

TJS warns of exposing KCR’s role in scams former legislator Jagga Reddy pertaining to a case lodged 15 years ago, said that he would expose KCR. Addressing the media here on Tuesday, Dileep. ROLE OF WHISTLE-BLOWERS IN EXPOSING FRAUD. FRAUD IN THE UAE: FORENSIC ACCOUNTING AND CERTIFIED FRAUD EXAMINER February 8, 5 SECRET METHODS AND INVESTIGATION TECHNIQUES OF FORENSIC ACCOUNTING February 8, Published by admin at February 8, Categories.


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