The aquarius advertising agency

Case Study Aquarius Advertising Agency: In particular, it is common for these agencies to lose and gain large numbers of clients frequently.

The aquarius advertising agency

Additional services include aid in marketing and distribution of products, and marketing research to test advertising effectiveness. Its activities are organized in a traditional manner. The formal organization is show in Figure 1.

Each of the functions includes similar activities, and each The aquarius advertising agency account is coordinated by an account executive who acts as a liaison between the client and the various specialists on the professional staff of the Operations and Marketing divisions.

The number of direct communications and contacts among clients, Aquarius specialists, and Aquarius account executives is indicated in Figure 2. The sociometric data were gathered by a consultant who conducted a study of the patterns of formal and informal communication.

Each intersecting cell of Aquarius personnel and the clients contains an index of the direct contacts between them. Although an account executive is designated to be the liaison between the client and specialists within the agency, communications frequently occur directly between clients and specialists, and so bypass the account executive.

These direct contacts involve a wide range of interactions such as meetings, telephone calls, emails etc. A large number of direct communications occur between agency specialists and their counterparts in the client organization.

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For example, an art specialists working as one member of a team on a particular client account are often contacted directly by the client's in-house art specialist, and agency research personnel have direct communication with research people of the client firm.

Also, some of the unstructured contacts often lead to more formal meetings with clients in which the agency make presentations, interpret and defend agency policy, and commit the agency to certain courses of action.

Downloading prezi... Aquarius Advertising Agency Case Analysis: Aquarius Advertising Agency Introduction The management structure is a set of management levels, which is interrelated and there is co-ordination of the operation and development of the organization as a whole.
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Aquarius Advertising Agency: Case Study - New York Essays Aquarius advertising agency is an advertising firm which provides business solutions for the clients in their various marketing needs.
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Both a hierarchical and professional system operates within the departments of the Operations and Marketing divisions.

Each department is organized hierarchically with a director, assistant director, and several levels of authority.

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Professional communication is widespread. It primarily concerns sharing knowledge and techniques, technical evaluation of work, and development of professional interests. Management in each professional department is exercised mainly through promotions and supervision of work done by subordinates.

Many account executives feel the need for more control and one commented: That's all I hear around here. It is hard as hell to effectively manage six or seven hot shots who claim they have to do their own thing. Each of them tries to sell his or her idea to the client and most of the time I don't know what has happened until a week later.

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If I were a despot I would make all of them check with me to get approval first. Within a short period of time, there has been a rapid turnover in the major accounts handled by the agency.Aquarius Advertising FINDING THE BALANCE The Aquarius Advertising Agency is a middle-sized firm that offered two basic professional services to its clients: 1) customized plans for the content of an advertising campaign.

an art specialist.g. slogans.

The aquarius advertising agency

and creative personnel. In the case study, involving Aquarius advertising agency, it is clear that there is a conflict of interest between the accounts executives and specialists, and, therefore, application of the matrix model will bring matters to rest altogether.

Aquarius advertising agency is an advertising firm which provides business solutions for the clients in their various marketing needs.

The products of the agency include: Customized plans for the content of advertising campaign (e.g. slogans, layouts), Complete plans for media (print and electronic media), Marketing aid for distribution of. The advertising agency would be paid for their services by the company they are advertising for.

The reason why businesses might advertise there products through an advertising agency is because it can save them a lot of time which may be needed to concentrate on other business ideas.

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CASES FOR ANALYSIS ~ AQUARIUS ADVERTISING AGENCY 1. Analyze Aquarius with respect to the five contextual variables. How would you describe the environment, goals, culture, size, and technology for Aquarius?

ANSWER: Aquarius is a middle-sized firm operating in a relatively unstable environment, particularly because in the industry it was common to lose or gain clients quickly because of.

The aquarius advertising agency

Aquarius Advertising Agency Case Recommendation Current Situation at AAA Although a functional structure, inter-department contact can be observed.

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