The boxer rebellion in china essay

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The boxer rebellion in china essay

These areas were referred to as "spheres of influence". This already volatile mix was complicated when the United States acquired the Philippines in the settlement of the Spanish-American War.

The United States had been left out of the Sino-Japan settlement, but now that it had a part of Asia, it wanted a share of China, too.

The boxer rebellion in china essay

Hay contacted the governments with Chinese spheres of influence, and tried to persuade them all to share trading rights equally, including the United States. The other governments all responded that they agreed in theory, but refused to sign anything.

Hay asserted that this theoretical agreement constituted real agreement, and considered the Open Door Policy agreed upon. It was in this disorganized squabbling of foreign ownership over Chinese trade that the Boxer Rebellion began.

The Boxers were a society of zealots from the north of China that believed they had magical powers and were invulnerable to bullets and pain, and that "spirit soldiers" would rise from the dead to join them in their battles.

The Boxers initially wished to overthrow the Empress, feeling she had let the people of the north down. The Empress, however, was wise enough to encourage the Boxers, and successfully re-directed their wrath toward the foreigners in China.

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In early the Boxers began brutally attacking westerners. The first attacks were in the countryside. Nervous foreigners in the city of Beijing approached the Empress for help. The Empress, who had been encouraging the Boxers, promised the westerners that she would stop the Boxer efforts, but in reality did nothing.

By mid-Juneforeigners and Chinese foreign-sympathizers were contained in a compound in the center of Beijing. They held out for almost two months, until the United States, still eager to gain a strong presence in China, led a force strong into China, working their way inland from the coast.

On August 14,Empress Tsu-Hsi fled the capitol, and the Western forces effectively won the siege against the Boxers. As the leader of the intervention efforts, the United States was part of the settlement, and John Hay was finally able to assert his Open Door Policy, which was expanded to include all of China.

In China was forced into disarmament.The "Boxer Rebellion" was the name the European and American newspapers gave to a religious, anti-foreign uprising in China in The Boxers were consisted mainly of martial artists that targeted Christian missionaries in Chi.

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The Boxer Rebellion Essay Sample. 1. In a T­chart, list reasons for United States intervention in the Boxer Rebellion. Revolution of that overthrew influence. and the U.S did not got the boy emperor and made China out of the rebellion and got more a republic. that help U.S get more involved into china political power in china business.

The Boxer Rebellion essays Around , after many years of succumbing to the superior military of the West, the Chinese stood up for their country. China was a .

The Boxer Rebellion Essay Words 4 Pages Throughout the nineteenth century China’s emperors watched as foreign powers began .

The boxer rebellion in china essay

74 items from the Robert Henry Chandless Collection of images from China, They depict images of the Boxer Rebellion in , glimpses of diplomatic and commercial life during that time period, and the early wool industry in Tientson. Essay The Boxer Rebellion in China - The Boxer Rebellion in China “China never wanted foreigners any more than foreigners wanted China men, and on this question I am with the Boxers every time.

The Boxer is a patriot.

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