The farm case bank

United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

The farm case bank

The department may coordinate the study with institutions of higher education. Specifies registration requirements and allowable activities for registered producers of industrial hemp. Directs the department to establish fee levels to cover regulatory costs and annually review these fee levels.

Allows for the creation of a pilot program by an institution of higher education or the Department of Natural Resources. Defines both industrial hemp and cannabidiol oil. Amends definitions for hashish oil and marijuana.

Clarifies that the addition of industrial hemp to food does not create an adulterated food product. Requires a report on or before Dec. Arizona SB Authorizes a pilot program for the research, growth, cultivation and marketing of industrial hemp and establishes the Industrial Hemp Trust Fund.

The farm case bank

Allows for commercial hemp production, processing, manufacturing Arkansas Ark. Authorizes the State Plant Board to adopt rules to administer the research program and license growers.

Requires the State Plant Board to provide an annual report starting Dec. Establishes a separate program fund, which will include feeds collected and other sources of funding California Cal. Establishes registration for seed breeders.

This division will not become operative unless authorized under federal law. Establishes a seed certification program. Establishes a grant program for state institutions of higher education to research new hemp seed varieties.

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Created an industrial hemp feasibility study which reported to the state legislature on Jan. Allows the department to certify institutions of higher education to cultivate hemp for research purposes.

Florida S Enacted; Effective June 16, Directs the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to authorize and oversee the development of industrial hemp pilot projects at certain universities. Commercialization projects may be allowed after two years with certain conditions.

Authorizes the universities to develop pilot projects in partnership with public, nonprofit, and private entities; Requires a university to submit a report within two years of establishing a pilot program. Allows the Board of Agriculture to certify hemp seeds.

Requires institutions of higher education provide annual reports to the department. Growers and handlers of hemp seeds must obtain a hemp seed production license. Nothing in this section allows anyone to violate federal law. Allows the Kansas Department of Agriculture KDAeither alone or in coordination with a state institute of higher education, to cultivate and promote research and development of industrial hemp.

Directs KDA to oversee annual licensing, establish fees, and promulgate rules and regulations. Growers are required to use certified seeds and may import or resell certified seeds.

Mandates the University of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station oversee a five-year hemp research program. Creates the Industrial Hemp Commission, attached to the Agricultural Experiment Station, to oversee, among other things, the licensing, testing and implementation of regulations and rules related to hemp.

Establishes a license for seed distributors. Authorizes the Maryland Department of Agriculture or an institution of higher education to grow hemp for research purposes.This page contains a state-by-state list of statutes regulating industrial hemp and provides federal and state actions relating to industrial hemp.

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The farm case bank

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