The impact of tqm on the performance of banks

Many think customer service is irrelevant to the success of a business, but, according to the Customer Service Training Center, one of the most important business traits is learning how to please your customers. Customer service is not dead, and you can set your business apart by making it a top priority.

The impact of tqm on the performance of banks

October 26, by scharticles. Edward, Joseph Juran, Philip B. Customers are the only factor that can create competition between organizations and quality of goods is determined by customers, who identify the quality of service and make industries focus more on quality.


As a matter of fact, customers have become the starting point rather than one ending point in any successful business. To order for a complete Project Material, Pay the sum of N3, to: Therefore the quality of services plays an important dominate role and is a primary factor in ensuring the survival of the service provider in the global market.

This concept is applicable to all service industries and has given birth to the concept of Total Quality Management in service sectors.

However, most organization including the service industry are faced with the problem of how Total Quality Management will be implemented to achieve quality service delivery for customers satisfactions how Total Quality Management will be utilized for effective service delivery, quality product and implementation of quality management.

The impact of tqm on the performance of banks

When organisations do not consider quality service delivery, customers will be dissatisfied and the outcomes of such an approach are lost of clients and chance of rivals to catch benefit of the market required.

As customers today their expectations are rising, hence they choose from among the competing industry which offers the best services for their money.

Total Quality Management and Organizational Performance

Customers today demand high quality services delivery since an organization can boast of holding franchise to the development and delivery of quality services thus many organizations have embraced the Total Quality Management concept as a way of survival. The bank got its operating license in and spent the first six months conducting research into ways of making a big —break through into the Nigerian banking industry.

The bank finally commenced operation in February, with the intention of fulfilling the following mission statement. To provide top of the range commercial banking service to our customers, thereby assuming a leadership position in the dynamic and ever expanding world of banking and finance.

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Total Quality Management became a source of unification of visions and ideas across the organisation to ensure the successful execution of the mission, even through Total Quality Management at that time was a novel idea to the organisation.

Companies that have embraced the Total Quality Management concepts have increase in its market while those that have ignored this concept hardly survive especially in a competitive environment like ours. These problems resulted in the failures of many banks form the late s into the early s, were customers lost deposits which many of them had worked all their lives for.

Also, the problem of poor utilization of the concept of Total Quality Management by service industry especially those in the banking industry which has led to poor quality and erosion of goodwill which could be very costly for the bank.

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Most managers do not implement. Total Quality Management at all levels and there no laid down rules in line with Total Quality Management.

Lastly, most service industry especially the banks are faced with the poor effect of Total Quality Management on business performance which has affected quality service. And to the research would have been greatly enhanced. The researcher expects that the study will also add more value to an existing body of knowledge.

The researcher hopes that the study shall serves as a useful tool too any organization that seeks to implement Total Quality Management TQM.The Impact Of Tqm On The Performance Of Banks Impact of Information Technology on Financial Performance of Banks Introduction As an emerged business trend, the vast applications of information technology (IT) on economic .

The impact of tqm on the performance of banks

Total Quality Management (TQM) has become an accepted technique to ensure performance and It has become inevitable for banks to work on enhancing quality within their functions, product and services and the way they manage their organizations.

Quality involvement impact the financial performance of NBK from to Researchers find that a positive culture boosts performance, but performance alone doesn’t create a positive culture.

quality management (TQM) and business performance. A Index Terms—Total Quality Management, Banking, Business Performances, Quality Awards I. INTRODUCTION Total Quality Management (TQM) is arguably one of the impact that this strategy has had on financial performance. The Impact of Tqm on Banks Performance. tqm. Introduction to TQM. Tqm Philosophy. Theories of Quality. Juran Final. High Performance Organizations and employee involvement are critical sources of quality improvement ideas and innovations Sustained total quality management is not possible without beliefs Following are the. Video: Productivity, Quality, Profitability and the Role of Managers Top-, mid- and low-level managers play a significant role in how productivity and quality affects profitability in an organization.

Jun 30,  · Leadership can have a positive or negative impact on organizational performance. Consider your leadership style and how to adjust it for different situations to have the most impact .

Total quality management and innovation: Relationships and effects on performance of agricultural R&D organisations Service quality models: a review Impact of quality management systems on firm performance. The Impact Of Tqm On The Performance Of Banks Impact of Information Technology on Financial Performance of Banks Introduction As an emerged business trend, the vast applications of information technology (IT) on economic organizations are immense and immeasurable.

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