The relationship between an empolyer abd

What is Employee Relations? It needs human beings who work together and perform to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. The human beings working together towards a common goal at a common place organization are called employees. Infact the employees are the major assets of an organization.

The relationship between an empolyer abd

Only there is nothing magic about it — it is scientific. We all know that customer satisfaction is vital to the success of any business.

In a recent article in The McKinsey Quarterly Marc Beaujean, Jonathan Davidson and Stacey Madge point out the proven fact that retaining customers costs less than the costs of acquiring new ones.

Because as Guy Herrington and Wendy Lomax point out in an article describing the results of their study on employee and customer satisfaction, the two are intimately related. All we need to do is think about our own experiences to find examples of the importance of the relationship between employees and customers.

Have you ever had a job you were very dissatisfied with? If so, how did it affect your attitude and your job performance? If you had direct contact with customers, how did it affect the way you interacted with them?

And as a customer have you ever interacted with an employee that obviously did not like their job? Not only can their nonverbal behavior let you know that they do not want to be doing their job, but sometimes they will tell you directly! The impact is largely determined by how well companies monitor and manage a number of areas pertaining to staff behavior.

I have even had people helping me in customer service tell me that they were in the process of looking for another job!

Incidents like these do not give a customer a favorable impression of a business and certainly do not contribute in a positive way to intent to return. In fact, such employee revelations can make customers feel uncomfortable.

The relationship between an empolyer abd

Psychologists tell us that this negative emotional state can become associated with your products or services and make the customer want to avoid them all together.

However, Walter Greene, Gary Walls and Larry Schrest, in an article in the Journal of Services Marketing, state that organizations delivering high-quality service maintain or increase market share and they have a higher return on sales than do their competitors.

So we know that employee and customer satisfaction are interrelated and that their behaviors affect each other and the financial performance of the organization.

Exactly how are they interrelated? The root causes, also known as drivers, of employee behavior influence overall employee engagement. The root causes of customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend ultimately drive financial performance.

Now, back to that crystal ball. Understanding the relationship between these variables is helpful.The relationship between an employer and the employee within the hospitality industry should be very professional. The most important is fair treatment of the employee.

It can be done by Code of practice. The Relationship Between an Empolyer Abd an Isolated Employee Essay. Kahn-Freund ( 18) argues that “ the relations between an employer and an isolated employee or worker is typically a relation between a bearer of power and one who is not a bearer of power” - The Relationship Between an Empolyer Abd an Isolated Employee Essay introduction.

An employer’s relationship with their employees has to be nurtured and taken care of in order to be beneficial for both individuals; their co-workers, and the company as a whole. It has long been noted that strong employer-employee relationships often lead to greater employee happiness and significantly improved productivity.

Apr 24,  · Permanency of the Relationship If you hire a worker with the expectation that the relationship will continue indefinitely, rather than for a specific project or period, this is generally considered evidence that the intent was to . The Relationship between Employees, Customers, and Business Success.

According to their research and the research of many others, there is a direct relationship between employee job satisfaction and a customer’s repurchase intention.

While neither option is entirely right or wrong, it is wise to avoid getting too close to employees, as doing so can cause the line between employer and employee to become blurred. Mutual Reliance. The employer-employee relationship should .

The relationship between an empolyer abd
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